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Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement P


Casa Caterina School

Our Self-Evaluation Report and Improvement Plan

1. Introduction

This document records the outcomes of our last improvement plan, the findings of this self-evaluation, and ourcurrent improvement plan, including targets and the actions we will implement to meet the targets.


1.1          Outcomes of our last improvement plan from 2017 to 2018

  • The teaching and learning of Shape and Space improved slightly from 22%-31%. This still leaves room for improvement and we need to embed it as a focus on teaching and learning in the future.



1.2       The focus of this evaluation

We undertook self-evaluation of teaching and learning during the period June/2018 to June/2019. We evaluated the followingaspect(s) of teaching and learning:

  • Teacher Planning


2. Findings


2.1 This is effective / very effective practice in our school

List the main strengths of the school in teaching and learning.


  • Wellness
  • Language, especially oral language
  • Mathematics
  • Teaching and Learning through play and the world around us


2.2. This is how we know

List the evidence sources. Refer to pupils’ dispositions, attainment, knowledge and skills.

  • Pupil questionnaires and checklists
  • Parent questionnaires
  • Teacher Surveys
  • Standardised Test Results


2.3This is what we are going to focus on to improve our practice further

Specify the aspects of teaching and learning the school has identified and prioritised for further improvement.

  • Teacher Planning
  • Nurture Group and Educating for Human Values


3. Our improvement plan

On the next page we have recorded:

  • The targets for improvement we have set
  • The actions we will implement to achieve these
  • Who is responsible for implementing, monitoring and reviewing our improvement plan
  • How we will measure progress and check outcomes(criteria for success)

As we implement our improvement plan we will record:

  • The progress made, and adjustments made, and when
  • Achievement of targets (original and modified), and when



Our Improvement Plan

Timeframe of this improvement plan is from June 2018 to June 2019




Persons / groups responsible

Criteria for success

Progress and adjustments

Targets achieved

1.To set up a nurture group in the school










2. To set up Educating for Human Values Programme in our School





3. To explore and find teacher planning templates and documents that are appropriate to the school and effective, as well as fulfilling DES requirements

2 Teachers and 4 SNAs have been trained in nurture

Interviews of SNAs to be set up to determine which 2 SNAs will run nurture

Boxall Profiles to be completed for each pupil.

Pupils will be tested twice a year


To run and education for human values programme based on our monthly themes every two weeks in the school.



To invite SESS to come to the school to help us with planning

Teachers to meet once every two weeks to discuss planning

Kay Flanagan, Deirdre Shannon

Kay Flanagan, Deirdre Shannon, Paul O'Hanlon



Martha Traynor, Stacey Byrne, Kay Flanagan and Alice Higginbotham



Alice Higginbotham, Martha Traynor and Stacey Byrne





Kay Flanagan, Alice Higginbotham and all teachers

1. Improvement in Boxall Profile Scores

Feedback from Students

Feedback from Pupils

Feedback from Teachers

Feedback from Parents






2. Student Behaviour

Student Well-being

Pupil Feedback





3. Teacher feedback

Cuntas Miosula

1. How to plan, especially SMART planning has evolved since Nurture was set up. At first, we tried to give all children a taste of nurture, but this was not as effective as targeting those children with the highest scores on the Boxall Profiles.

Consistency scoring the profiles is a problem with so many staff involved.


2. Education for Human Values has been popular and with students and staff. Staff report that they have observed the practised values being used consistently, not just during the two weeks of focus. Attempts to marry the value with the monthly themes were shelved, in favour of focusing on values related to our ethos and those we felt the students needed.

3. It took a year to finalise plans that teachers found effective and useful.

1. Nurture group is up and running successfully and all the staff in the school are invested in its ideology and success.

Staff and children were interviewed and understand the purpose and benefit of nurture. The only criticism is that not all children have access to nurture.

?/? children attending nurture had improved Boxall Profile Scores

2. EHV programme is becoming embedded in the school and teachers are engaged in planning for the programme with their pupils this year.

3. Teachers meet weekly or fortnightly for at least an hour to help each other with planning. Templates for fortnightly plans and monthly reports have been agreed since September 2019.



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