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Anti-Bullying Policy

 Casa Caterina's  ANTI - BULLYING  POLICY



DEFINITION:   Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological, or physical,  conducted by an individual or group against others.





  1. Physical Aggression – Pushing, shoving, poking, physical assault, etc.
  2. Damage to Property -  damage to clothing, schoolbooks, learning equipment, personal property, etc.
  3. Extortion- demands for money made by threats, money taken, lunches stolen.
  4. Intimidation- Aggressive body language, voice used as a weapon, facial expression, etc
  5. Abusive Telephone calls- verbal intimidation.
  6. Isolation- deliberately isolated, ignored or excluded by some or all of the class.
  7. Name Calling – persistent name calling usually referring to physical appearance, e.g. big ears,  dopes, swots, licks, teacher’s pets, etc.
  8. Slagging-  Personal remarks aimed persistently at same individual about clothing, personal hygiene, family, etc.Bullying of School
  9. Personnel - Physical assault, damage to property, personal abuse.
  10. Lying –   Making false allegations e.g. accusing another person of bullying. when not true, etc.
  11. Cyber bullying – using emails and social networks to intimidate abuse and threaten others.
  12. Homophobic bullying – directing derogatory sexualised language towards each other and adults.
  13. Racism – Derogatory remarks in relation to colour, religion, ethnicity, culture



 School management will attempt to create a school ethos, which encourages School community to disclose and discuss incidents of bullying behaviours.

Bullying must be prevented and not controlled.



(1) The Principal and Staff, when supervising will be aware of all possible bullying incidents.

(2) The Religious Education Programme

Stay Safe Programme

   SPHE Curriculum

   Walk Tall Programme

   Circle Time


will all help to address and raise the awareness that bullying is unacceptable.



 When an incident of bullying is reported, Teacher and Principal will ensure

  •    Parents of both parties are informed.
  • Investigate outside the classroom situation to avoid the public humiliation of the victim or the pupil engaged in bullying behaviour.
  • Speak separately to the pupils involved in asking What, Where, When, Who and Why Questions in a calm and unaggressive manner.
  • If a gang is involved, each member should be interviewed individually and then the gang as a group, when appropriate. 
  • Each person involved in the bullying incident should be asked for his/her account of what happened to ensure that every one is clear about what everyone else has said.
  • If it is concluded that a pupil has been engaged in bullying behaviour,

It should be made clear to him how he is in breach of the Code of Behaviour and Discipline and try to get him/her to see the consequences of his/her bullying behaviour.

  • A Pupil should be helped to handle the possible pressures that often face him/her after interview by a member of staff.
  • Staff who are investigating cases of bullying behaviour should keep a written record of their discussions with those involved in the pupil’s behaviour copies.
  • In cases where it has been determined that serious or repeated bullying behaviour has occurred, the parents of the two parties will be updated.
  • Explain the actions being taken and the reason for them,  referring them to the school policy.
  • Discuss ways in which they can reinforce or support the action taken by the school.
  • Arrange follow-up meeting with the pupils involved separately with a view to possibly bringing  them together at a later date if the victim is ready and agreeable.

   This can have a therapeutic effect.

  • Principal will keep a record of all bullying incidents in her office



Incidents of bullying behaviour can extend beyond the School onto school transport. The Staff on school transport will be made aware of the School’s anti- bullying policy and will be encouraged to report such incidents to  the following;

  • Parents
  • School
  • Bus Eireann

The procedure for investigation will be followed by school staff when an incident is reported to the school from the bus.


  • Parents will be informed of the outcome of investigation where bullying has been proven.
  • Pupils will apologise either verbally or in writing.
  • Pupils will automatically lose “Golden Time” if bullying during Golden Time period.


The Staff will follow the same procedure as laid down for assaults in the Code of Behaviour.



 Evaluation of the effectiveness of the school policy on anti-bullying behaviour as needed.


  • Teachers – March 2014
  • SNAs – March 2014
  • BOM – March 2014

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